Zed Black – Good Fortune Incense Sticks


Envision yourself surrounded by the rich tapestry of scents, as the intoxicating aroma fills the air and uplifts your spirits. Let the gentle flicker of the flame illuminate your path to success, guiding you towards new opportunities and blessings at every turn. With every breath, inhale the essence of prosperity and abundance, as you invite the universe’s benevolent energies to align in your favor.

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Step into a world of abundance and prosperity with our Good Fortune incense sticks! Crafted with care and infused with positive energy, these incense sticks are designed to attract luck, wealth, and success into your life. Light up a stick and let the soothing aroma fill your space, creating an atmosphere of positivity and possibility. Whether you’re seeking financial stability, career advancement, or simply more joy and fulfillment in your life, our Good Fortune incense sticks are here to support you on your journey. Invite good fortune into your life today and watch as abundance flows effortlessly into every area of your life. Embrace the magic of our Good Fortune incense sticks and let the universe shower you with blessings beyond your wildest dreams.

Directions for use

Light the coated tip of the stick. Once lit, carefully blow out the flame. Insert the bamboo-end of the stick into an incense holder.

Safety Warning

Attention: keep out of reach of children. Light only while using a suitable incense holder, which should be placed on a heat or fire resistant surface.

About this item

  • Hexagonal Packs of 20 sticks
  • Each stick burns for 35-45 min
  • Made in India
  • Hand Crafted Using Traditional Methods and a central bamboo stick
  • Eco Friendly.
  • No child labour used in making this product.
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% Natural and Vegan
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Non-Toxic


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