Tulasi White Sage Exotic Long Incense Sticks


Tulasi White Sage Long Incense Exotic Sticks – Hexagon Packs 16″ (10 sticks)

Unwind with Tulasi White Sage Long Incense Exotic Sticks. These handcrafted sticks emanate the calming aroma of white sage, promoting balance and relaxation. Packaged elegantly in hexagon packs, they preserve freshness. With a burn time of 16 inches, they offer extended indulgence. Elevate your space, from meditation to everyday living, with the soothing fragrance. Enjoy the natural purity of white sage, sourced sustainably by Tulasi. Embrace tranquility and let the captivating scent rejuvenate your surroundings.

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Tulasi White Sage Long Incense Exotic Sticks – Hexagon Packs 16″ (10 sticks)

Aromatic Purity of White Sage: Unwind with the soothing embrace of Tulasi White Sage Long Incense Exotic Sticks. Crafted to encapsulate white sage’s calming properties, these sticks emanate a tranquil aroma, promoting balance and relaxation.

Natural Elegance in Hexagon Packs: Discover elegance in our hexagon-packaged incense. Designed for both aesthetics and freshness, these packs preserve the pure fragrance of white sage, ensuring a delightful experience with every use.

Exceptional Length for Extended Aroma: Measuring 16 inches, these sticks offer an extended aromatic journey. Whether for meditation or ambiance, their longer burn time allows prolonged enjoyment of white sage’s serene aura.

Handcrafted Excellence: Meticulously handcrafted, each stick embodies quality and authenticity. Traditional techniques combined with select natural ingredients create a genuine white sage experience, fostering inner calmness.

A Cleansing Ritual: Enriched by centuries of use for purification, Tulasi White Sage Incense adds a cleansing ritual to your space. Let its fragrant plumes refresh the air and create a positive atmosphere.

Versatile Applications: Adaptable to various settings, these incense sticks enhance relaxation, meditation, or room ambiance. Their versatility makes them a perfect companion for diverse needs.

Sustainably Sourced: Committed to sustainability, Tulasi responsibly sources ingredients. Enjoy the White Sage Incense with an eco-conscious mind, aligning your serenity quest with environmental values.

Elevate Your Space: Transform your surroundings into havens of serenity with Tulasi White Sage Long Incense Exotic Sticks. Let the enchanting fragrance elevate your space, fostering purity and calmness.

Indulge in Tulasi White Sage Incense’s captivating scent. Embrace the balance it brings as it uplifts, purifies, and rejuvenates, enriching your life with its harmonious aroma.


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