Tulasi 6 in 1 Gift Pack Aromatherapy Incense Sticks


Tulasi Aromatherapy 6 in 1 Gift Pack Incense Sticks

Elevate your space with the Tulasi Aromatherapy 6 in 1 Gift Pack Incense Sticks. This collection offers six captivating blends that cater to every mood. Crafted from premium natural ingredients, these sticks promise a pure, enduring fragrance experience. From the calming Lavender Dreams to the invigorating Citrus Burst, each scent creates a unique ambiance. Immerse yourself in the mystic Sandalwood Serenity, the uplifting Floral Symphony, or the sensual Vanilla Delight. Alternatively, let the Tranquil Ocean Breeze carry you to coastal serenity. Transform your space and elevate your senses with these exquisite incense sticks.

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Tulasi Aromatherapy 6 in 1 Gift Pack Incense Sticks

Diverse Aromas for Holistic Delight

Experience an array of captivating fragrances with the Tulasi Aromatherapy 6 in 1 Gift Pack Incense Sticks. With six distinct blends, these sticks cater to various moods and desires, transforming your space into a haven of tranquility.

Premium Quality, Natural Ingredients

Crafted from natural ingredients, these incense sticks promise an authentic experience. Their premium quality ensures a clean and enduring burn, enveloping your surroundings in delightful, long-lasting fragrances.

Calming Lavender Dreams

Unwind with Lavender Dreams. Its soothing floral notes create a serene environment, ideal for meditation and relaxation, offering respite from the demands of the day.

Energizing Citrus Burst

Infuse energy with Citrus Burst. Zesty citrus fruits invigorate your senses, making it perfect to kick-start your day or to recharge in the middle of it.

Mystic Sandalwood Serenity

Immerse in Mystic Sandalwood Serenity’s woody scent. Let its rich, earthy notes create tranquility and introspection, adding an aura of mystique to your space.

Uplifting Floral Symphony

Uplifting Floral Symphony blends various flowers in perfect harmony. Its joyful and vibrant floral bouquet spreads positivity, transforming your space into a garden of delight.

Sensual Vanilla Delight

Sensual Vanilla Delight’s sweet, comforting aroma ignites intimacy and warmth. Create a relaxing ambiance or infuse a touch of romance with this enticing fragrance.

Tranquil Ocean Breeze

Transport yourself with Tranquil Ocean Breeze. Its crisp, clean scent evokes serene seascapes, offering an escape to a tranquil coastal haven, wherever you are.

Elevate your senses with Tulasi Aromatherapy 6 in 1 Gift Pack Incense Sticks. Let their diverse aromas create an atmosphere of harmony, relaxation, and positivity, transforming your space into a sanctuary.

Directions for use

Light the coated tip of the stick. Once lit, carefully blow out the flame. Insert the bamboo-end of the stick into an incense holder.

Safety Warning

Attention: keep out of reach of children. Light only while using a suitable incense holder, which should be placed on a heat or fire resistant surface.

About this item

  • Hexagonal Packs of 6 with 20 sticks each
  • Each stick burns for 35-45 min
  • Made in India
  • Hand Crafted Using Traditional Methods and a central bamboo stick
  • Eco Friendly.
  • No child labour used in making this product.
  • Not tested on animals
  • 100% Natural and Vegan
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Non-Toxic


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