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Unlock the potential of SCIO Biofeedback Therapy, a revolutionary approach to holistic health and healing. This advanced technology uses sensors attached to the ankles, wrists, and forehead to measure and analyze your body’s energetic fields. The process is painless and non-invasive, providing valuable insights into your overall well-being.

Understanding SCIO Technology

SCIO, designed by Professor William Nelson, operates on principles of bio-energetic and bio-resonance medicine. It functions like a comprehensive virus-scan for your body, detecting viruses, deficiencies, allergies, and more. This sophisticated device offers precise biological reactivity and resonance assessments, surpassing traditional methods with its multifaceted analysis.

How SCIO Works

During a session, SCIO establishes a feedback loop with your body, measuring and responding to its energetic components in real-time. By sending alternate pulses that prompt your body’s own reactions, SCIO promotes natural healing and self-regulation. The device adjusts therapies dynamically through its ‘autofocus’ function, ensuring optimal treatment settings throughout the session.

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Charmaine Esch

Charmaine Esch

SCIO Biofeedback Therapy and doTerra Practitioner

20 years ago when my daughter was born premature I saw the negative side effects some traditional medicine had on my baby and I. My Mother suggested that I rather consult a Homeopath and from that first appointment I have never looked back. I was fascinated with natural medicine and alternative therapies and I knew I had to learn more.

So over the next few years I researched and learned about Homeopathy and other alternative therapies and their amazing benefits. One day I discovered the SCIO Biofeedback Machine and its extensive programs and saw the health of my family and friends who had used it before improve. Right then, I knew that I needed to have one because then I too could help and others with the Scio. So, I decided to study further and did an Anatomy & Physiology Diploma as well as a Homeopathy Diploma. I studied through Stonebridge Colleges in the United Kingdom, and I achieved distinctions in both. I have since also qualified as a Scio Practitioner through, The Quantum Academies. I now do Biofeedback Therapy sessions and have assisted many people whose bodies are in dis-ease either from illness to stress or even allergies.

I am passionate about helping others and educating them with regards to alternative ways of healing and I look forward to helping you in the near future. Where there is life there is hope 

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