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Psychotherapy or psychological counselling provides a safe environment to explore how the individual / couple / family / group engages with a variety of life circumstances and discover new perspectives. Diverse strategies and techniques may be utilised within the sessions with the specific purpose of facilitating the client/s’ growth, healing and enhancing general well-being. Psychological assessments are useful as an additional process integrated with therapy (e.g. marriage counselling), or as a stand-alone method (e.g. career assessment) offering in-depth knowledge and awareness.

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About Meraki In Motion

Meraki in Motion is a tranquil lifestyle and Wellness Center in Brackenhurst that brings like-minded practitioners and therapists together to assist our clients on their journey to well-being by promoting a balance between body mind and soul, and our surrounding environment.

Our Conference Center is the ideal breakaway venue to get away from the maddening rush.

The dance and fitness studio offers a diverse range of classes.

Start your transformational journey at Meraki in Motion Wellness Center today.

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Meraki in Motion Wellness Center

28 Rae Frankel street, Brackenhurst, Alberton, 1448
Tel: 010 880 2 880 


Mon- Fri: 08h00 - 17h00. 
Sat: 08h30 - 13h00. 

After hour treatments at therapist's discretion.

Fitness studio classes available until 21h00