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Ultimate Pleasure:  Sexual Health &

Relationship Enhancement offerings

Ultimate Pleasure was born out a a need to educating and entertaining both men and women around intimacy and sexual pleasure, through our in-home parties and events. We broaden horizons by inviting you to try something new.

Our online store enables you to shop discretely.

Should you wish to experience our delicious edible products, lavish the heavenly body lotions and massage products, or feel the intensity of the vibrations on your skin from our bedroom accessories, why not pop into our boutique showroom and shop, where a consultant can assist you in selecting products to fulfill your needs.

We value quality and incorporate products that are body-safe and environmentally friendly. Our luxurious products and decadent offerings are pure indulgence and will soon become your sensual essentials. Many of our products are organic and non of our products are not tested on animals. Where possible our packaging is recyclable. We also have guarantees and relevant warranties in place.

We are inclusive of all genders, and while 99% of our parties are by women, for women, we do get requests for couple events and men’s workshops, and will offer these as well. Our parties and events are delivered in a respectful, professional manner, yet entertaining manner. Our Consultants will have you rushing back home to try something different and you are bound to learn something new.

Zhoozh supports local businesses, prioritising women in business. We enable women in particular in starting their own businesses in order to grow and move towards financial freedom. Whether you join the business as a part time consultant or change your full-time career to empower entertain and educate people. You have your own business, but you are not alone in business.

As an Ultimate Pleasure Consultant you are constantly learning and growing. Thorough our business we have helped so many women blossom in their new found self-confidence. We are also open to men joining our business as consultants as we realise more men are wanting to learn more about themselves, their bodies and how to better pleasure their partners.

We empower our consultants to assist you and help eliminate taboos. Intimacy and sex is such a crucial part of any relationship, but one’s upbringing, society’s influence, our own values, norms and beliefs may influence our ability to feel confident and participate 100% in the moment.

Should you be struggling with any issues or have concerns you wish to address and require more personal attention, you are welcome to book a couple’s or one-on-one discussion with one of our Sexual Health Educators or affiliated therapists at Meraki in Motion Wellness Center.

Our holistic approach with Affiliates
Our affiliates range from sexologists, psychologists, life coaches, therapists, and even beauty therapists to ensure a holistic approach to your sensuality and relationship wellness.

Our Consultants
Our Consultants enjoy free education and support when they choose to start their own business through Ultimate Pleasure. We believe there is growth in numbers and have a network of support to assist every single one of our Consultants grow and soar in their own right.

Expand your knowledge
Through our affiliate partnerships we are also able to offer courses on Sexual Wellness and monthly informative webinars.
We also run our own workshops. Events will also be published on our Facebook page.


What some of our clients thought…

It was very tasteful and professionally presented.

I enjoyed the info about a woman’s body the most.
Thank you for answering all the questions I was too shy to ask.

It was a good experience, which was not expected.
We all should have a least one Pure Romance party in our lives.

I learned a lot about my own body and how to make my intimate moments with my husband even more pleasurable. …

What the ladies enjoyed the most:

 The ease and comfort of being able to ask without feeling judged

The laughs… Great fun

The good atmosphere here and being comfortable to ask questions

All the information received

Being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasures

Love yourself. Know what you like and what you don’t. Same goes for your partner. Communicate.

Feeling open to talk about these things openly really makes a difference

Presentation was excellent

Excellent. Learned a lot from listening to others.

I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere
It was perfect! Loved the open discussions.

 Thanks Yolanda for really clearing us some questions I was even scared to Google. I learned a lot.

What an informative and fun session, enjoyed it a lot. Never thought it would be like this. Was quite scared at first. Thx so much. You Rock!

This was a great experience and learning curve…

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