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Reiki (pronounced ray-key) healing is thought to be an ancient healing form but was rediscovered in the late 1800’s by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. The Usui system of Reiki is a very simple yet powerful form of healing which is easily given by anyone who has been attuned to Reiki. The Reiki practitioner simply places their hands onto a person and the Reiki healing energy will flow. The Reiki recipient remains fully clothed and can receive a Reiki treatment seated in a chair or lying on a treatment couch. Reiki does not hurt but a recipient may feel physical, mental, emotional or spiritual shifts as healing happens.

The word Reiki originates from two words: Rei means universal and Ki means life force or energy. Ki is the energy that all things are made of, like the Chinese Chi (as in Chi Gung and Tai Chi) and is the fundamental energy that makes up everything. Ki is the energy that makes the divinely manifested universe – from the physical planes of consciousness through the emotional, mental and spiritual planes of consciousness.

The healing energy does not come from the Reiki healer but rather it comes through them and therefore does not deplete their own energy. The Reiki healing energy goes to where it is needed in the recipient’s mind, body and soul but the hands are placed in specific positions over the chakras and limbs so that the energy can flow quicker and more easily through the consciousness.

Reiki can be used on anything – animals, plants, food, books, cars, buildings and electronic equipment. Using Reiki in this way is akin to blessing something – imbuing something with positive, divine energies that are for the greatest good.

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