Personal Trainer & Mental Wellness Coach


From a very young age Ferdi had an ability to use diplomacy and objectivity to create agreement, peace and calm, this innate ability boosted him in early Corporate work. assisting with Human Resource issues. Being a very emotional man, he handles any discord from corporate space to the personal space objectively and sensitively though his Spiritual lens. He completed Trauma Counselling Level 1 in India 2020.


Counselling Service offered by Ferdi:

  1. Trauma Counselling
  2. Relationship/Conflict Counselling

 Duration: 1 Hour

Energy Exchange: R450

Bookings only



In Short: Reiki is a way of transferring energy from the ether/Universe through the Practitioner towards the client. Another way of saying this is: Hands on Healing.


The intention for choosing Reiki are: Injuries or energetic blocks, to Calibrate your energy body, or to balance your system. There are many ways of explaining how it works, not to mention, the countless intentions.

Feel free to ask Questions.


Type: Usui Reiki L2 – Professional Practitioner

Session Duration: 55 Min

Energy Exchange: R450

Bookings only



Ferdi Started his Yoga journey in early 2015 and has been practicing since then, 2021 brought a challenge. To level up and become a RYT200 Yoga Teacher. Teaching came natural as all the other Wellness Modalities connects with the Yoga Practice.

 Yoga to Ferdi means cultivating better self awareness and the building a connection/alignment between one’s mind, body and spirit through breath and movement. Yoga alleviates stress and anxiety and brings one into greater presence in each moment. It definitely increases well being and strengthens one’s immune system.

 Around the end of 2019, Ferdi achieved more than 1000 hours of wellness experience (Yoga + Meditation)

 All Levels Welcome

Yoga Type: Flow Yoga (Hatha/Vinyasa and Restorative)

Session: 1 Hour

Energy Exchange: R150 Drop in, class cards will be considered at a later stage.

Ferdinand Lourens

Ferdinand Lourens

Mental Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor

Ferdinand Lourens is a Wellness Coach, based in Gauteng, arrived in 1984 and grew up in Johannesburg. The first 12 years of his working life was spent in a high stress Logistics environment working long hours, lots of pressure, as well as doing a part time degree.

He started Meditation and Yoga early 2015. This propelled him forward and away from long term chronic medication, and further away from suffering. Most importantly, to realise there is no quick fix in Wellness especially Mental wellness. Not easy to spot like a physical injury.

Ferdi started teaching Meditation and other Wellness modules from early 2017  at Yoga studios, Wellness Centers and Corporate Wellness Days. Over the years more Wellness/Healing modalities were added to his skillset which includes, Reiki, Laughter Yoga, Breath coaching, Mindfulness, Counselling, and this year a RYT200 Yoga Teacher. He spent 2020 in Mystical India.

Ferdi is creative and gentle, yet straight to the point in facilitating the Wellness process. He strives to help others to better cope with Anxiety, Stress and Depression that for some increase yearly, like inflation.

Ferdi enjoys music from the 60’s era and enjoys various forms of art in his free time, he loves nature and travel and sure likes connecting with new people.  Ferdi is serious about Mental Wellness and committed to facilitating your wellbeing.


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